Who are we?

The Lebanese Intellectual Property Association (LIPA) is a Lebanese non-profit organization that works alongside International NGO’s, the Lebanese Government and private sectors to spread awareness on Intellectual Property and to protect right holders from any breaches.

Founded in 2004, its board consists of members from different legal and professional backgrounds (lawyers, judges, publishers, artists, etc…).

 Its most important objectives are:

1-     Raising awareness in society regarding the importance of intellectual property through seminars and conferences showing the importance of intellectual property and the means to protect it.

2-     Seek with the relevant authorities to improve the legislations that are related to the intellectual property.

3-     Cooperate with public administrations to preserve and protect the intellectual property.

4-     Encourage and support researchers and people who wish to run studies regarding the intellectual property.

5-     Connect, cooperate and coordinate with associations and organizations and parties  relevant to intellectual property.

6-     Issue scientific periodicals encompassing researches about intellectual property.

7-     Participate to the scientific and practical development to habilitate those who are interested in the intellectual property issues and allow them to know about the international development regarding the intellectual property.

8-     Seek to develop and improve the arbitrage and mediation in all that is related to the intellectual property.

 LIPA is very proud to be part in supporting the well-being and development of the Lebanese economy by capturing the benefit of increased innovation and creativity.

We believe that, in the 21st century, IP will play the most important role on the international stage and that every country will need a well developed and healthy IP protection that will encourage the use and further development of local inventive and artistic talents and assets, will safeguard and attract investments, and will provide a stable environment in which investors both local and foreign can be confident that IPR will be respected, especially that we are all aware that the importance given to IP was the backbone for the development of all big industrial countries